Lineage OOAK Ring

Jill Maurer


Size: 9.25

Metal:  95% platinum, 5% ruthenium;

Stones:  Aquamarine:  6.72 ct cabochon marquise;  Sapphires:  1.99 ctw round brilliant

 Inspired by the prehistoric art of  the Lascaux cave, the Lineage Ring celebrates our connection to our ancient ancestors. Each luminous sapphire acts as  a stepping stone, bridging the gap between our intriguing past and the endless possibilities of our future.  Their transition from light to dark represents  our journey into the depths of our human potential.

Just as the Lascaux cave artists used the most advanced tools and techniques of their time , the Lineage Ring was formed using a modernized platinum casting. The result is a bold and, enchanting  ring that  that honors, and celebrates our connection with our ancient past.

***This Ring is a One Of A Kind piece and cannot be resized

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