Zebu Ear Studs

Jill Maurer



Jill Maurer earrings are offered individually and in pairs allowing you to mix or match creating a look that ignites you in the moment. Inspired by The Hall of Bulls in the Lascaux cave, our Zebu Ear Studs are strong, organic, and timeless.

The Lascaux Collection is inspired by the cave discovered in 1940 by four boys and a dog in Lascaux France. The ancient cave art was so refined and advanced that its authenticity was originally questioned. The pieces from Jill Maurer’s Lascaux collection reflect the animals, shapes, and tools found in the Lascaux Cave as well as the cave itself.

Materials and Measurements

  • Metal: Sterling with 14K white gold posts
  • Texture: Cave
  • Widest Part: 7mm
  • Length: 33mm

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